English Weather Silk Scarves Online

Elegant and playful, Petunia is a traditional square silk scarf with a contemporary twist

English Weather

Soft pink in blended silk,  the Jessica scarf lifts the complexion and softens edges 

Unique Designer Scarves

Extra long for decorative draping or double wrapping Gertrude also makes a great head dress 

Women's Scarves in Silk & Cashmere

Each and every English Weather scarf begins life as an acrylic on canvas painting, or mixed media piece, created in her London studio by designer and colorist, Gohar Goddard.  Drawing on particular artistic influences and made from the finest fabrics, our scarves have a highly distinctive contemporary look and feel – incorporating complex colour palettes, rarely seen in fashion textile design.

Hand-Knitted Cashmere Knitwear

Our luxurious hand-knitted 100% Scottish cashmere sweaters, accessories and blankets are made by home knitters across the UK and Scotland and are available for purchase from our UK stockists.

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