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The Woman Who Founded the Brand 

Of Iranian descent and born in northern Pakistan, in the foothills of the Himalayas, Gohar Goddard is English Weather’s Founder and designer of all of our beautiful products.  Schooled by nuns in the mountains, she honed her skills as a knitter from a very young age. Gohar Shad is, in fact, the name of an ancient and legendary Persian Queen, meaning shining jewel.

Moving first to Paris and then to England at the age of sixteen, Gohar fell in love with European fashion, a romance to which she remains true to this day. In the early 80s’ she began building up a network of knitters across the UK, who got busy knitting her distinctive designs. Her creations quickly grew in popularity, first in the UK and then in the USA.


Irresistible Cashmere Knitwear 

In the 90s, Gohar began creating luxurious collections of ladies cashmere knitwear in colour palettes evocative of the British weather. An early proponent of cashmere decadence, her styles were contemporary, her shapes casual and unusual. These collections soon developed a loyal following, with signature designs becoming coveted staples in the wardrobes of those in the know.  

From Luxury Knitwear to Designer Scarves

Always creating and innovating, in the ensuing years, Gohar became a ceramicist and colourist. Her paintings began to adorn the walls of galleries in London and Cornwall.

In 2015 she launched her line of designer scarves, bringing her daughter, Sara, on board to teach her the ropes and support her with the new collection. Digital prints of original art works, Gohar’s scarves blur the line between art and design. They have grown in popularity and, today, many of our customers have become collectors.

We work hard to understand what our customers want – from shapes and sizes to fabrics and finishes. We always do our best to create pieces that are both avant-garde and easy to wear, bringing you just what you are looking for.

English Weather has always been central to our lives as a family, with almost every member contributing in some way to the brand over its lifetime. It’s a real family effort!