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The Cashmere Sweater You’ll Live In

English Weather’s signature sweater, the Sloppy Jo burst into this world off a pair of knitting needles, somewhere in London, in the early 2000s. Since then, she’s been gracing the shelves of exclusive boutiques in the UK and USA, from where she has found her way into the wardrobes of a loyal following of women with exquisite taste. The Sloppy is made by a fleet of British home knitters of expert skill and craftsmanship.

Just How Sloppy is Jo?

Jo is made of 6-ply cashmere which, along with English Weather’s secret recipe, quite possibly makes her the softest and most luxurious cashmere sweater you’ll ever come across. She’s designed to be big, a little slouchy even, with a high collar that is not swamping – so she’ll keep you warm, but you’ll still have a neck.

For those in the know, she is your go-to jumper. Try as you might, you just can’t help wearing her every day. She is the ultimate sweater for working and relaxing at home, walking the dog, popping over leggings on the way to your yoga class and, well, everything really.

Where Can you Get Your Hands on Her?

Well, you can find the Sloppy Jo in an array of colours at one of exclusive stockists. . .

THE CROSS, in London’s Holland Park

HÊTRE, in Hampshire’s Alresford

EMPORIUM KALU, in Kildare, Ireland

Photograph courtesy @thecrossshop