Each and every English Weather scarf begins life as an acrylic on canvas art work, painted in her London studio by designer and colourist, Gohar Goddard. Our scarves are printed in Italy, where there is a long and rich history of textile printing.

Our designs are unusual and unique, incorporating complex and carefully thought through colour palettes rarely seen in fashion textile design. We use a variety of high quality materials, depending on the season. All of our scarves have a luxurious feel, whilst being very light in weight.
Petunia New York Graffiti Silk Design |£220.00
140 x 140cm, Silk / Modal
Poppy Dotty Swirls Scarf |£220.00
  140 x 140cm, Cashmere/Modal
Rosalie Silk Crown Scarf |£220.00
  100 x 100cm, 100% Silk
Squirrel & Black Cashmere Mittens |£70.00
  100% Cashmere, Hand-Knitted
Squirrel Scottish Cashmere Hat |£70.00
  100% Scottish Cashmere, Hand-Knitted
Urban Graffiti Art Azalea Scarf |£220.00
140 x 140cm, Cashmere/Modal
Violet Purple Fish Long Scarf |£155.00
  70 x 200cm, Cashmere/Modal
Zinnia Red Purple Scarf |£220.00
  140 x 140cm, Cashmere/Modal