English Weather’s luxury cashmere clothing is famous for its casual, easy-to-wear shapes that have become definitive items in many of the most select boutiques in the States and in Europe.

Gohar Goddard created Ziggurat in 1985, a beautiful store in Kensington, showcasing a wide variety of high-end yarns and an innovative range of her own knitwear and scarves.

Five years later, she created, English Weather. A luxury brand creating the highest quality knitwear in Scottish cashmere and cotton.

As well as being a long-established designer, Gohar is also a painter. She has held several one-man shows of her abstract paintings in galleries in London and across the UK, galleries, drawing praise from critics and artists alike.

These paintings have formed the basis for English Weather’s exclusive line of cashmere/modal scarves, which feature digital prints of her paintings.

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