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We’re very proud of our network of highly skilled British knitters who expertly bring our designs to life with their knitting needles. Some of them have been a part of English Weather since it first began, many, many years ago…

The skill, time and patience that it takes to create something beautiful out of wool and needles is something that we greatly value, and so do our customers.

Our cashmere mittens are very, very soft. A warm hug for busy hands. We rely so heavily on our hands on a daily basis, it only seems right to treat them well. We make them fingerless because we know how hard it is to do things with gloves on – to remove the frustration of always having to take them off and put them back on again.

The feeling of the softest, high-quality cashmere on your ears and around your neck is irreplaceable. Once you wear cashmere on your extremities, it’s hard to settle for anything else.

As you can appreciate, these pieces take time and precision to make, so, when it comes to selling these gems, pieces are limited.

Where Can You Get Your Heads and Hands into Our Cashmere Hats and Gloves?

Well, you can find our cashmere products in our online shop or  at one of our exclusive stockists. . .

THE CROSS, in London’s Holland Park

HÊTRE, in Hampshire’s Alresford

MAUD LIFESTYLE, in Surrey’s Thames Ditton

EMPORIUM KALU, in Kildare, Ireland